Seattle Sport Psychology
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> NFL Pro Day Preparation
> Performance anxiety
> Perfectionism
> Handling Success
> Improving Confidence
> Work life balance for coaches
> Navigating College Recruitment
> Overtraining/Burnout
> Increasing focus and concentration
> Dealing with an injury
> Managing pressure and expectations
> Communication with teammates/coaches
> Identity outside of sport
> Life after sports career ends
> Couples and family counseling
> Sadness or depression
> Controlling Anger
> Alcohol or drug issues
Seattle Sport Psychology Services
Dr. Chidester has worked with current and former athletes of all levels, including athletes from the NFL, MLS, NBA, and numerous NCAA institutions. Dr. Chidester works with athletes from a wide range of sports. In addition he works with individuals from other performance orientated professions such as business. Below are some examples of areas Dr. Chidester has worked with athletes on: